5 Things You Should Not Do When Your Credit Cards Are Maxed Out

Times are tough for all of us right now. Both the housing market and the stock market seem to be in a free-fall with no end in sight. Many people have lost their jobs or have seen their income reduced significantly.

Having credit cards is a nice safety net in tough economic times. But when those times hit, the balances on your credit cards can grow rapidly. More and more people, having to rely on their credit cards to get by, have credit cards that are maxed out.

That can set off panic in the strongest of people – making it difficult to make sound judgments. That is why we have written the 5 things that you should NOT do if you have one or more credit cards that are maxed out.

1. Always, always, always pay your bills on time. When the bills pile up sometimes it comes down to a matter of who gets paid and doesn’t. But keep this in mind, credit card issuers are just looking for one misstep to jack up your rates. If you are late even one time the results can be sky-high interest rates.

2. Never turn to payday loans for help with credit card debt. As a matter fact, never turn to payday loans for anything. The interest rates on payday loans are astronomical. I for one question why these establishments are even allowed to exist. Stay away from them at all costs.

3. Don’t apply for any more credit. We see it time and again, people that are in trouble with their credit cards dig themselves deeper into a hole by taking out more credit. It is a wicked downward spiral. Do not make things worse by doing the same things that got you in trouble to begin with.

4. Do not buy anything new. You will have to prioritize your spending dollars in order to pay back your credit card debt as quickly as possible. That means foregoing purchasing anything that is not necessary. And it goes without saying that you will not be purchasing anything on credit.

5. You need not go it alone. Even if you are embarrassed about your current financial situation you may want to turn to family or friends for help. Even if it’s not to borrow money, you may find solace by just talking to someone else about what you are going through. Perhaps they will have some good counsel for you that may prove to be beneficial.

We know it’s not easy to climb out from under a pile of debt – but you can do it. Sit down and design a sound strategy that you can implement right away and remember not to panic. You can get through this by making the right decisions.

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