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Discover Student Credit Card

This student credit card with cash rewards and 0% interest on new purchases for an introductory period includes earning up to 5% cash rebates for purchases made in select categories is a very popular card on canpus.


This credit card is designed for students with good credit and who would like to get a bit more value from owning a card. The cash back rewards program gives cardholders a 5% cash rebate on goods and services that include gas, dining, travel and entertainment. All other purchases made using the card will earn 1% cash back.

The Discover Student Credit Card provides platinum level benefits that include $0 liability for fraud and unauthorized use, double cash rebates at participating retailers, discounts at leading merchants, online account access, a choice of card designs to choose from and more.

We suggest you compare the student credit cards we have listed from the leading banks and issuers before you decide to apply. There are several fine offers to choose from and each one is different in terms of what they have to offer.

Also, it is very important that you carefully read the terms and conditions set forth in the disclosure statement before you apply for the Discover Student credit card, or any other card offer for that matter. Important details about interest rates, grace periods, fees and the rewards program can be found there.

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