Tips for Finding the Best Credit Card Deal

You get them in the mail, you see them in magazine and the Internet is full of those advertisements from assorted companies all telling you that their card is the best credit card deal you will find. The truth is all these best deals are what is best for the credit card company, which in their estimation is getting your business.

While they make their offers look great they really have little concern for what is the best credit card deal for you. That is really up to you to determine and deciding which credit card is best can be a long and confusing process.

Too Many Offers

One of the things that makes finding a good deal on credit cards so difficult is that nowadays there are simply too many special introductory offers and supposed benefits offered by these card companies.

Things like 0% interest rates for limited times and reward programs, cash back, and other options all look great until you read the fine print and see that the list or restrictions often far outweigh any potential benefits.

Then there are the transfer fees, annual fees and all those extra fees that are often tacked on here and there designed to neatly snare the unwary. It sometimes simply seems like the best credit card deal is no credit card at all.

Time To Bring Back The Old School Credit Cards

Perhaps a novel approach for some credit card company to try would be to bring back the old time credit cards. You know the ones. Those no frill credit cards that offer you the convenience of buying on time with a low interest rate.

Straight and simple and easy to understand. No need to compute whether you will save X amount of dollars on this or that money back card.

And no need to worry if transferring your balance to a new card will save you money or not by the time you figure in transfer fees, annual fees and increased interest rates. Just a plain and simple set amount you can charge and a plain and simple interest rate.

Unless and until that happens choosing the best credit card deal will take a lot of work and a lot of effort and most of us will still never know if we really got the best deal or not.

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