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Get the Best Reward Credit Card, Earn As You Spend

If you want to earn freebies while you spend, the best way to do so is to secure the best reward credit card today. As can be implied, these are basic credit cards with a positive twist in that you earn points with each purchase of goods and services. Said points can then be exchanged either for cash or for other goods and services.

And unlike other things that are too good to be true, the issuers of reward credit cards are true to their promises as contained in the agreed contract. The trick is in knowing the best type for your needs from among the many rewards credit cards issued by the likes of Discover, American Express, Citi Cards, Chase and HSBC, to name just a few.

You can keep the following general classifications when choosing the best reward credit card where you are concerned.

First, travel rewards credit cards provide points for every time you use them to purchase tickets and book accommodations on your travels, be it for personal or professional purposes. Once you have accumulated sufficient number of points, you can redeem said points for free airline tickets or free hotel stays.

For example, the Citi Diamond Preferred Rewards Card provides for 6,000 bonus points after your purchases exceed $300 within 3 months after opening the account. Other credit cards award any number pf bonus points after certain dollar amounts are reached, say, 25,000 points for the first $3,000 purchase during the first 3 months of account opening.

Travel rewards credit cards can be generalized in that both hotel stays and ticket purchases are included in the computation for points earned. However, there are credit cards that differentiate between airline mileage and hotel accommodations so much so that only one purchase is recognized. You have to ask the issuer’s agent since your determination of what constitutes the best reward credit card will depend on said differentiation.

As an example, the airline miles credit cards provide for redeemable points in the form of free flights in major airlines at best and discounts on tickets at least. You may also earn miles that accumulate in your frequent flyer account.

For hotels, you earn points redeemable for discounts in hotels, car rentals and other travel-related purchases. Look at the fine print since there can be restrictions on the hotels participating in the rewards program, say, you can only redeem the points in the Sheraton and Westin chains.

Second, you have the choice of grocery, gas and restaurant rewards credit cards. You will earn redeemable points for every time you buy so much as one single screw or spend just one dollar from the supermarket or the hardware using said bank card.

Your rewards can take many forms. Just to name a few, you have the choice of cash backs on a certain percentage, rebates/discounts on bills/purchases and even freebies like personal accessories.

With all these benefits coming your way with the best reward credit card, you should start looking at all the possible options. You will be rewarded tomorrow for your purchases today!

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