Tips for Finding the Best Student Credit Cards

College life is not exactly a path paved with roses for many students. School expenses can run the gamut from tuition fees to entertainment and everything else in between that make for the quintessential college student life. Fortunately, there are credit cards for students to help pay for many of these expenses. The trick is in choosing the best student credit cards from amongst the many in the market today.

Criteria for Choosing

You want to ensure that you will not be sucked into debt even when you have adopted all the judicious spending habits possible, no thanks to high interest rates, fees and charges.

You only need to take note of three important criteria for choosing the best credit card for students:

• Online access and management of account – With students being as busy as they are with their lives, it makes to go for a credit card that can be accessed and managed online. Every piece of information about the credit account is just one click away instead of one ride, one hour or one day away.

• No annual fee – Although this criterion will vary depending on factors like range it service and rewards, it is often best to go for the credit card with no annual fee. You want to save on costs, not to mention that you may want to shift to other types of credit cards later on.

• Low annual percentage rate – Well, of course, this is the most important criterion for the best student credit cards. You will be able to save the difference between a credit card offering 12 percent per cent as against one that only imposes 10 percent annually, for example.

You will observe that the emphasis is to keep interest rates, fees and other charges as low as possible. In this way, you can easily manage your account by paying the credit card bills on time.

Other attributes of excellent credit cards include a free rewards program and even a zero percent introductory interest rate. Just make sure that you are aware of the terms and conditions of these perks of the credit card.

For examples of the best student credit cards, you may check out Citi and Discover for their wide range of choices for this market niche.

Tips for Judicious Use

Keep in mind, however, that the choice of the best student credit card will be for naught if and when you do not know how to use it judiciously. You can slide deeper and deeper into debt if you are not too careful about your spending habits.

You can take the following tips on how best to use a student credit card:

• Spend only what you can reasonably pay off within the time period allotted for payment. Credit card rates, fees and charges are not exactly the friendliest in the market particularly when you miss even a single payment by one day.

• Review your billing statements. You want to be sure that everything is accounted for especially in a day and age when identity theft is rampant.

• Avoid taking out a cash advance as much as possible. The interest rates are not pretty, indeed.

With the judicious use of the best student credit cards, you can now enjoy your life as a student. Soon enough, you should be able to get a good job to help pay off the debt.

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