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Getting a Business Credit Card Offer for Your Small Business

One of the first things you may get is a business credit card offer when opening your small business. Of course, this is if your credit is good enough that the credit card company feels you are a worthwhile risk. How do they determine this? They will check your personal credit history, for one to see what kind of score you have and if your business is viable.

Based on these two things and various others contingent upon the requirements of the credit card company, you will be offered credit for your business. Many companies want a copy of the business license. If this is a beginning business you may have to provide your business plan. Projections for income and expenses may be required. The business credit card offer you receive is not just based on having perfect credit.

Many of the major credit card companies have business credit cards for a variety of business. Chase offers a credit card that pays 3% back on eligible business purchases and 1% on other purchases.

They also offer 0% for the first six billing cycles of your business credit card. After this period the APR will vary according to your credit score. The rate can be from 10.24% to 16.24%, so you will want to make sure and check this out before accepting any credit card for your business.

Another thing you will want to know is if the credit card company charges an annual membership fee. Many do not, but do not take for granted that you will not be charged one.

Some credit cards have the first year free and then you will be charged a membership fee after this year. Chase Ink Bold with Ultimate Rewards is one of these. After the year, you will be charged a $95 annual membership fee.

Capital One offers a business credit card with no annual fee and 0% APR until May 2011. The Capital One Business Platinum with No Hassle Cash pays 1% back on all your purchases. In addition, you can get the cash back whenever you need to do so. They also have no limits on the amount of rewards you can earn.

A business credit card offer from one bank or another will most likely be received on a daily basis when you are a business owner. If you are looking for a business credit card offer, which is a necessity today, before accepting one make sure you read all the fine print and any additional paperwork that comes with the offer. This will save you a lot of headaches later.

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