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Business Credit Cards and Their Many Benefits

The answer to the question do you really need business credit cards is a resounding yes. This is going to be one of the most beneficial things you can do for your business. The first thing you should know is they are the perfect way of keeping your finances in order. The separation of your personal finances and business finances is going to be very important.

You will be thankful that you did this when tax time comes. The record you have of all the purchases made for the business will be on statements which are easy to put together for the person doing your taxes. There are many that are deductible and in order to take advantage of the deductions you will need to have proof of the money you have spent.

The use of business credit cards allow you to make purchases needed for your business when they are used responsibly. The Citi Platinum card is one that many businesses use but you should check out the offers of many and narrow them down before making a choice.

The smart management of your business account using a credit card will mean paying these payments on time. The business credit history that you are building will pay off in the long run should you decide to expand and need a higher line of credit. The accounts that are free of negative remarks or late payments will be the ones that are eligible for an upgrade.

The probability exists that sometime in the future you may need to apply for a business loan. The chances of getting this loan are much more favorable if you have business credit cards that have been paid on time. Keeping payments consistent for a year or two will allow a potential lender to see an impressive business credit history. The credit card will help your business to establish the credit it needs to survive.

Business credit cards are also a great way to allow certain employees access to funds they may need without the hassle of cash payouts on a daily or weekly basis. If one of your employees uses a company car that needs to be filled with gasoline, you have the option of taking it yourself, allowing the employee access to your card or using a supplementary employee card. This can be monitored and if any charges are not approved they can be spotted right away.

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