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Chase Credit Cards – A Review of the Top Offers

Chase is possibly the most popular credit card company. They offer a range of credit cards to fit the needs of any consumer. Chase credit cards differ in the annual fees, APR, and rewards offered. It is vital that you determine the exact card that meets your needs when determining which Chase card to apply for.

Chase Rewards

Chase offers many credit cards that come with reward incentives. The Chase Freedom card, for example, is a basic Chase card that offers an incentive of 5% cash back on most of your purchases for gas, groceries, clothing, and other items. Other items are subject to 1% cash back. The beneficial thing about this card is your rewards never expire.

There are also travel related perks offered with some of the Chase credit cards. The Mileage Plus Signature Card offer by this company allows you to accrue miles that can be cashed in for airline tickets. For example, you earn 30,000 miles for every $250 charged on the card. You also get 1 mile for every $1 spent on certain purchases. The Chase Sapphire credit card also allows you to collect and redeem points for travel expenses as well as gift certificates and merchandise.

Cards with No Interest or Annual Fee

Chase Freedom and Slate from Chase are the two credit cards that offer no annual fee. These cards also tend to offer an introductory 0% APR (annual percentage rate) for up to 12 months. This means you will not be charged any interest on the purchases made within the specified amount of time, given that you pay them off in full before the promotion time expires. After the initial APR, the rate will increase to anywhere from 11% to 22%, depending on your credit score.

Student Credit Cards

Some Chase credit cards are available to students. Take the +1 Student Mastercard, for examples. It comes with no annual fee. There is a points system available with this card that lets you cash in the points for movies, music, electronics, and other items available in the Chase store. You can also give the points to your friends or donate them to certain charities and organizations.

As you can see, Chase offers a variety of credit cards that can suit the requirement of almost any consumer. Depending on your needs, typically one of the Chase credit cards currently offered will be right for you. Be sure you select the best card in order to stay away from extremely expensive fees and to make the most of the reward perks offered by the cards.

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