Discover Credit Cards – A Review of the Leading Offers

Discover is another common credit card company. They rank up there with Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. However, though they are well known, they may not be as accepted by retailers than the other big name credit companies. Discover credit cards offer a variety of features, depending on what you are looking for in a card.

Discover More Card

This is possibly the most popular of the Discover credit cards, especially for the general customer. There is no annual fee associated with the credit card. Currently, you can receive a 0% APR on purchases made within the first nine months using the credit card. The typical interest rate will then rise to 11.99-19.99%, depending on your credit history. Balance transfers are available with a 0% APR for the first 12 months as well. Cash back awards are offered with the More Card, given that the purchases you make are qualified according to the categories determined by the company.

Discover Open Road Card

The Open Road credit card offered by Discover is similar to the More card in many ways. There is not an annual fee to have the card, and the introductory purchase and balance transfer rates are the same. The difference lies in the rewards system offered by the Open Road Card. This card is designed to allow travelers to save money each time they use their card while on the road. You can earn double on your cash back rewards on your first purchases at gas stations and restaurants that accumulate $250.

Discover Business Cards

There are also a couple of Discover cash back cards that cater to entrepreneurs. The Business and Business Miles cards can assist small business owners in making large purchases for their companies. Selecting between the two cards should be in accordance with how you plan to use the card. The standard business credit card offers 5%, 2%, and 1% cash back incentives. The rate will depend on the type of purchases made. The Business Miles card allows you to earn bonus miles that can be redeemed for travel related expenses. Both cards offer a variable APR that can be as low as 10.99%. The actual rate will depend on your credit history.

As you can see, Discover credit cards can offer several benefits similar to those of other credit card companies. It has been found that Discover is not as widely accepted as MasterCard or Visa, but you may still want to consider completing an application with this company. A lower annual percentage rate or the no annual fee perk may make it worth it to use this company over the others.

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