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Discover Credit Cards Offer a Variety of Choices

Discover credit cards offer many different cards for basically any credit situation. They range from the ones for people with excellent credit to those with good credit. The Discover More Card is one that offers 0% APR if you transfer a balance for 15 months. After this you will be offered the regular APR. They also offer 0% introductory on the purchases you make for 6 months after which the rates will go back to the normal rates.

The Discover More Card also offers a 5% cash back incentive for many different categories. Home improvement stores, restaurants, grocery stores, gasoline and travel are a few; however they do change to accommodate everyone. There is also 1% unlimited cash back on other purchases as well. The no annual fee is a nice bonus too. If you have excellent credit this is one option you may want to consider.

The Discover More Black is another one of the Discover credit cards you may want to check out for your needs. This card is also for people who have excellent credit and it offers a 0% APR introductory offer for 12 months. After this you will pay the regular APR. Another option is 0% APR for 9 months and then the regular rate. No annual fee is also a feature of the Discover cash back card.

In addition, this card offers a 5% Cash Back Bonus on purchases in many home improvement stores, restaurants, grocery stores, for gasoline purchases and for travel. They also change for a variety of savings in different venues. This card, like the Discover More card has 1% unlimited cash back on other purchases as well.

Discover credit cards are also available in a Discover Student Card which is for students with good credit. This card offers a 5% cash back bonus in several categories similar to the Discover More Card. From pet stores to department stores to restaurants and gasoline purchases the bonus incentive is a feature of the Discover Student card. The 1% cash back bonus is also available for this card.

Another benefit of the Discover credit cards for students is the 5% to 20% Cash Back Bonus which is available through their online shopping site. This is a great idea for many students since shopping online is becoming more popular with the vast amount of stores available today for online shopping.

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