How to Find the Best Cash Back Credit Card

With all the shifting around on their cards that credit card companies have been doing the last couple of years it is sometimes difficult if not impossible to find the best cash back credit card.

In fact, things have gotten so complicated with caps, tiers, rotating categories and other things that many people have grown tired of using these cards only to find that in the end they received far less cash back then they expected from their purchases.

The truth is the best cash back credit card is one that is as uncomplicated as possible so that you know exactly what purchases you are going to get cash back on and what ones you aren’t. Here is how you find such a card.

Stop looking for those credit cards that offer 5% off on this and 3% off on that. While there are a few exceptions most of these credit cards have a lot of confusing rules that you have to follow to get those high percentages and many of those rules are complicated and involve spending limits both high and low, tiers and rotating purchases all which can confuse you and rarely result in any decent cash back.

Instead look for those few rare cards that offer a percentage on all your purchases regardless of what they are and when you buy them. The best cash back credit cards are those that offer money back on all purchases rarely offer more than 1% money back, but in the end you will probably earn more back than with one of those cards with the fluctuating rates and all those rules.

Of course there are a few other features you are going to want this card to have as well. Things like no annual fees and a low interest rate to help keep those expenses down should a balance need to be carried over.

Having a card with great consumer service will help as well. Just be sure to read all the fine print and be sure you understand exactly what the card has to offer and how the cash back rewards work and you should be fine. Just remember the best cash back credit card is one that gives you the most cash back without all those confusing rules and omissions. Choose wisely and you can save money using one of these credit cards.

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