Have Debit Cards Eliminated The Need For Bank Checks

With the increased popularity of the bank debit/charge card, many checking account holders may wonder why they should bother ordering bank checks at all. The truth of the matter is that bank checks are still very necessary in today’s society for a number of reasons.

Further, due to the fact that bank checks can be ordered for relatively little expense, there is no reason why consumers shouldn’t order checks when they establish an account.

For consumers that establish a personal or business checking account, bank checks are a real necessity. First, not every single store accepts debit and prepaid credit cards and having bank checks on hand will afford the consumer another convenient payment method.

Also, while some locations do handle debit payments for products or services, there are fees that are associated with debit card usage: fees that can add up significantly over time and cost far more than bank checks do.

Consequently, even if a consumer heavily relies on the use of the debit/credit card to make the majority of their purchases, it is still important to have bank checks on hand so they are available when needed.

Consumers should also consider the fact that bank checks serve as good receipts. Instead of storing up little slips of paper from various purchases, consumers can note on the memo what the bank checks have been used for and then store up the checks in a filing cabinet for record keeping purposes.

Ultimately, the use of bank checks streamlines the organization process and keeps one’s filing cabinet from filling up with stray receipts that may be difficult to define or identify several months down the road.

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