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Lowest Rate Credit Cards – Uncovering the Best Offers

When comparing credit cards there are always many factors to take into account. Chief among them is exactly how you intend to use your credit. That’s actually a clumsy way of saying it’s important to find the card that most closely caters to your financial needs.

Without question, finding the lowest rate credit cards is always in the consumer’s best interest. If you should happen to carry an account balance from one billing cycle to the next then interest rates absolutely will affect how much you are going to pay for the credit that is extended to you.

Even if you are committed to paying your bills in full each and every month the annual percentage rate (APR) should still be taken into consideration. The reason for this is that we never know what life is going to throw at us and there may be a time in the future where you will find it necessary to carry a balance.

There is no question that there are some very attractive offers out there. If you should happen to already carry a balance with high interest rates from one or more credit card companies then finding a card with a balance transfer option may be a good deal for you.

Many offers, including the Discover More cards, currently offer 0% APR on purchases and balance transfers. They also have some of the lowest rate credit cards on the market and are comparable in service, features and benefits to any issuer out there.

Keep in mind that introductory periods are just that. Usually they will last for anywhere between 6 months and 12 months. When they expire the regular rates will apply so it is very important to understand exactly what those interest rates will be before you apply for a credit card.

Many credit card issuers are now issuing variable interest rate credit cards as opposed to fixed rate cards. It used to be that finding fixed-rate offers was rather easy but many of the major credit card companies now concentrate on variable rate cards because it gives them more flexibility to raise interest rates.

There are other considerations when making your credit card comparisons other than the APR of course. Fees are another important aspect that must be addressed prior to submitting a credit card application. They come in many forms including annual fees, balance transfer fees cash advance fees and so on.

Carefully read the disclosure statement for the terms and conditions set forth on any and all offers that you are interested in. You’ll also find important details regarding how rewards programs work if you are in the market for cards that offer rewards, rebates and discounts on goods and services.

And finally, and this must be stated, understand that the lowest rate credit cards are reserved for the applicants that have the best credit ratings. There is a direct corollary between a prospective cardholder’s credit history and the interest rate they will be charged.

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