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What Small Business Credit Cards Can Do for You

When it comes to small business credit cards, there are a number of solutions that a customer can find. From low interest rate cards to perk cards there is something there that can meet anyone’s needs. The available solutions for these cards are designed to be molded to fit your business. Each company finds that their needs for credit will vary and with a little research you can match your small business with a card that works for you.

Often times it is found that small business credit cards have smaller credit line that some of the other business cards available. The reason for this, smaller companies have a limited scope of available assets that are available to help secure the issuing bank’s interest.

With that being said, the banks do realize the limited scope of income and these cards tend to have lower interest rates as long as they are used for business. These can range from 0 – 9.99% depending on your current credit score.

Ink Bold by Chase

A common consideration for the small business credit cards available is the Ink Bold card. They will waive the first year’s annual fee and allow you to avoid any interest that is there. You don’t have a credit line because you are expected to pay them back in full 30 days from the date an invoice is issued. The downside to this card is that you can have the card locked if they don’t receive payment in time. But it is like paying cash, even when you don’t have the funds at that moment.

Capital One Venture

Another great card, this one does have a low interest rate and one of the lowest annual fees available. You do earn miles and other perks when you use this card, and best of all the airline points earned with this card never expire. If you are a smaller company that requires travel, this credit card can help you rack in the points big time with the generous mile rewards. Plus if you add multiple employees to the card, you get a huge bonus mile incentive. If you have a limited number of people to give card access to, this makes it another great option.

As you can see there are a number of options for small business credit cards. When you explore all your options you can get the card that matches your needs, and gives you the benefits that work best for your small business.

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