If You Are Traveling To Europe Take Your American Express Card

Here is a quick tip for overseas travelers. If you are planning to travel to Europe you should most definitely take along your American Express credit card. While American Express isn’t as widely accepted across the pond as its cousins Visa and MasterCard, they do have a decided advantage, a physical presence in Europe.

Case in point – a person that I am familiar with lost thier wallet while vacationing in Europe. In her wallet, amongst other things, were both her Visa and American Express credit cards. After contacting Visa about canceling the existing card and attaining a replacement, she soon learned that they really were not at all interested in providing that service to her.

While she was pretty much screwed as far as the Visa card went, American Express on the other hand was quite a different story all together. The credit cards were lost while she was in Venice and when she called American Express to report it they instructed her to go to their Venice office the very next day to pick up a temporary card for the remainder of her trip… which she did.

So as you can see American Express has a physical presence in Europe that is prepared to serve its cardholders whereas Visa and MasterCard do not. You can see the importance of that when you are a long way from home. If you would like to compare American Express credit cards you can do so right here at www.creditcardcandor.com.

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