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Understanding Instant Decision Credit Cards

Instant decision credit cards certainly offer advantages for those that fill out an online credit card application. It greatly speeds up the entire process of applying for a credit card. It also informs the applicant as to whether or not they have been accepted in usually 60 seconds or less.

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There are some basic questions about instant approval cards that we can address here. First and foremost, it is neither more difficult or easier to be approved for these types of offers than it is for any other. It’s merely an expedited decision about the application.

Another common misconception about instant decision credit cards is that they can be used as soon as the cardholder is notified of their acceptance. The card first must be printed and mailed out to the account holder.

The account holder then must verify that they have received it by calling a phone number which will activate the card. Only then can they begin using the new credit card.

And actually, they aren’t really instant decision cards but rather delayed approval. It takes about 60 seconds for decision to be arrived at.

The delay is so the data supplied through the application can be checked through the databases used by the bank or credit card issuer to see if the qualifications have been met.

Discover, which issues several Discover More cards that features instant approval actually refers to their process as an instant response within 60 seconds.

American Express offers what they refer to as express approval for their line of American Express Blue cards. Once again it takes about 60 seconds for the decision to be arrived at.

Instant decision credit cards can be found on some of the top comparison websites rather easily. Most will have a category dedicated to these types of cards making it easy to compare credit cards.

As always, please be sure to carefully read the terms and conditions of any and all offers before you submit an application.

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