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Why Small Business Credit Cards Are Essential Today

Small business credit cards are essential to businesses today. It is possible to run your small business without one, but it will be so much simpler and convenient that once you get one, you will wonder how you ever did without it. The ability to buy the items needed to run your business and the convenience of having all your purchases on record for tax purposes will be two of the most important features.

When intermingling personal credit and business credit, a real mess can ensue when tax time comes. You will have to sort out all the expenses that were related to the business and not part of your personal expenses. The deductions you are entitled to will have to be proven with paperwork to back up your expenses. When you have them all on the small business credit cards statement they are readily available.

In addition, small business credit cards are excellent for building credit for your business. This may be very important in the future if you should decide to expand and need a loan to do so. The credit that you have build with your credit card will show that you are worthy of a loan.

Another bonus that is possible when using a credit card for your business are incentives that are being offered today. The cash back rewards, points for purchases, free airline miles and free trips can be a good incentive for small businesses as well. The purchases that offer cash back are often at retailers that you would use for supplies anyway.

Free miles for travel may benefit the company or you can use them for vacations. Many business credit cards also provide discounts with merchants at the point of sale.  For example, a business credit card from American Express can get you automatic discounts at places like Hertz, Hyatt, and Airtran. The convenience of employee credit cards also helps the small business by not requiring cash payouts that may be needed on a regular basis. The expenses can be tracked and you will know if an employee uses the card for something other than it was intended.

Establishing your business credit is very important to the small business as well as a larger business. This will enable you to do many things that a business without a credit card cannot do. If you happen to get in a bind and need cash for the business the ability to get a cash advance on your credit card can make a big difference.

Although at first small business credit cards will be linked to your personal credit, after the business is established, it will have a registered credit profile and the personal and business link will disappear.

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